Monday, April 12, 2010

Leo Miles "One Night Stand"

Leo Miles presents "One Night Stand." A compilation of songs ranging from his fearless aspirations as an artist to chasing the dream girl you always wanted. Featuring up and coming production from the likes of Australian producer Ta-Ku, Brooklyn's based team Codehalo, Detroit's own Illingsworth, Delaware's future in M.P. and of course Philadelphia's Tracknique, this mixtape is a must have for music lovers. This unique and motivated talent is one fourth of the hip-hop quartet South Broad, which we blogged about exactly this time last year.

“With such an array of nostalgia and ambition; this tape is like the ones you used to make for the shortie you were crushin' on as a youngin.” Availiable for free download here.

A brief hosting by Dev Dash and a Cameo by BK's finest Mechele Mercy Abraham, enjoy, download, and support the Mxles Hxgh Club along with the South Broad Movement!!

Photo by Marshall Linton.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome Home Res!

They say that it’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll, and that’s an expression singer/songwriter Res knows all too well.

Like many great artists on the majors, the Philly native fell victim to label politics. In a nut shell, after she put out the first record [How I Do], MCA went under. Instead of letting all of the people go, they handpicked like a hundred artists and brought them to Geffen. Res went to Geffen, made a whole second Res album and they never put it out. The album was mixed, mastered, and shelved. After a few years of stunted creativity while living in LA (message!) on a label salary, Res severed ties with Geffen and became a free agent.

“Years were going by and they were just paying my rent and letting me live but not putting my music out,” she recalls. “I asked if I could leave.”

Now, she is releasing her second solo album full of songs that were previously unreleased from her Geffen days coupled with new hymns of heartache, love, and rebirth. Black.Girls.Rock! is the long-awaited album that will live up to every fan’s expectation.
Res was always eclectic in her musical influences. While her early days offered electro-laden Neo Soul, Res spent a large portion of her in between years crafting singer/songwriter folk songs. Add in the influences from touring Europe with Gnarls Barkley and Black.Girls.Rock! is truly a labor of love.