Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You May Hate Us After This (I Know I Do) : Who's Crying Now

Back in my hometown (Small Southern Town, USA), life seems to progress a little bit slower and people's lifestyles are simple. Everyone is mostly spending time with their friends and family, cruising the Walmart strip to show off the new rims placed on their car, or just up to something completely mischievous (i'll leave that up to your own imagination). The most glitz and glamour that may be experienced is at the local Homecoming game when announcing the King and Queen.

I'm not knocking this way of living at all. In fact, I miss it from time to time. Home will always be home. The one thing I don't miss is what is usually placed on the local FM radio stations. One of the stations would consistently play music that was outdated. That's fine if it was an oldies station but it classified itself as a pop/rock station. It would act as if Christopher Cross was going to be the next big thing. Also, they had an affinity of playing current hit songs a billion times. The song " It's Been a While" by Staind is still in constant rotation in my mind.

Even though I have my complains about the local radio station, It has at least given me one song that connects me to the spirit of my hometown, and that's "Who's Crying Now" by Journey...Yes, I typed Journey. For most that know me, know that I've never been a fan of theirs but there is something about this song that draws me in. It's not one of their most famous songs, it's not the catchiest, nor does Journey have a specific connection to the south; however, when I hear Steven Perry's vocals, I think of that radio station back at home, which makes me think of cheesy old songs and unrelenting mainstream chart toppers, which leads to my mind being flooded with unforgettable memories. Late night runs to Waffle House, bonfires in the country while parents were out of town, and conversations on the telephone that were held until someone fell asleep saying "nah uh, you go to bed first..."

Is the song a guilty pleasure...probably...but does it hold sentimental value...definitely. It helps me to relish in the delightful parts of my youth and to remind me from whence I came from.

Is that too deep of an attachment for a Journey song? Possibly...

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