Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stay Cool

With the growing clusterfuck that is this country's choice of "civil discourse" we all need to take a few minutes here and there to cool down and reflect for a bit on how best to stack weapons and train for the coming idiot revolution.
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Luckily one of our friends recently got a radio show to help you do that. Retro started working at a radio station in San Antonio hosting a jazz show, and not shitty jazz either. Retro is probably the foremost authority on jazz music that any of us know, so we'll just say that he's the foremost authority on jazz period in our generation.

Anyway, the guy has a really good show which you can find in the KRTU archives here, and then going down and clicking on The Line-Up under Friday at 9:00p.m. It's a good listen for anyone who has any interest in jazz (other than what is played by those wankers who wouls see Kenny G in concert).

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