Thursday, March 19, 2009

"You Give Love a Bad Name"

Hello Ladies and Gents! My name is Maximus James Longfellow-Bentington and I will be your host for this post. As you know Trivial Design is the blog for all future Tendaberry post. You'll have a chance to see and hear about our music, but we will talk about various other topics such as our favorite bands, movie reviews, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon , and the list will go on and on.

Earlier we asked our friends on facebook what the actual name of the blog should be called. We heard a little bit of everything as a response. One of the best ones I read was from Mr. Parris saying "TendaberryJuice (new posts are freshly squeezed)". I don't think anyone could argue with that slogan. It pulled me right in at least. Longshire said "Tendaberry Crunch
(To Be the Man, You've Gotta Beat the Tendaberry)" I enjoyed this one as well because to the reference to Captain Crunch and Rick Flair (Wooooo!!!).

Here are some of the other suggestions:
Tendaberry Jam, Tendaberry Bush, Tendaberry Sqush, tendaberry sound, tendaberry mine, tendaberry sunset, tendaberry sky, Tendaberry coke, Tendaberry M.D., Tendaberry pit, TNDAB, Tendaberry lotion/cream, Tenda-pain, Tendaberry pie, Tendaberry shortcake and Tendaberry Smoothie

Thanks to our friends for creating such inventive names. These suggestions will probably show back up in the future.

Now go tell all you're friends you're friendly neighborhood Tendaberry has a blog now and if you have any advice, creative critiques, ideas you want to share, just let us know. Retro vid! *Jersey fist pump*

-Maximus James Longfellow-Bentington

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