Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Don't Get Blood on my Prada Shoes"

I woke up this morning and though to myself, "I need some Metal in my life". Before I could even turn on my computer, a long time friend called and introduced me to The Number Twelve Looks Like You. He said listening to their first album (Put On You're Rosy Red Glasses) made him wanted to delve more into the genre. I wikied their info and they encompassed numerous elements into there music that I enjoy such as grindcore, progressive metal, and mathcore. I listened to it and guess what happened, I wanted to listen to more Metal so I made an ITunes playlist with the most recent Unearth ( The March), Lamb of God (Wrath), and Norma Jean (The Anti Mother) albums.

I was skyping with Pacemaker and he sent me some material from a new deathcore group called War From A Harlots Mouth. It was the most properly brutal music I heard of the day. I recommend hearing, "A Grotesque Relationship" off their Falling Upstairs EP and tuning into their new album In Shoals. They have a video out called "Crooks at Your Door". Check it out. The next time I write about music, I may suggest something less frightening to most readers :). Enjoy!

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