Friday, April 10, 2009

Warm In and Out...

The Lotus Eaters were an odd new wave act because they had folksier elements than the genre had previously encompassed. They had lovely synths with a jangly guitar which would have made Johnny Marr practice longer hours... Here's a sample... "The First Picture of You"

Their lineup included

Peter Coyle - Vocals (1982-1985,2000-) (before The Lotus Eaters played in No Trace (1980-1981),Jass Babies (1981-1982),Tin Ethics (1981), Living Legends (1982) )

Michael Dempsey - Bass (1983-1985) (also in The Cure,The Easy Cure (1977 - 1979), The Cult Hero (1980), The Associates (1979 - 1983))

Jeremy Kelly - Guitar (1982-1985,2000-) (also in The Wild Swans, Psycamesh (1978-79),Care (1983-84),The Lovers (1989-90), Diamond Sutra (1997))

Ged Quinn - Keyboards (1982-1983) (also in The Wild Swans)

Stephen Emmer - Keyboards (1983-1985)

Phil Lucking - Bass (1982-1983)

Alan Wills - Drums (1982-1983) (also in The Wild Swans)

Steve Creese - Drums (1983-1985)

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