Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something Different

The other members of this blog have kindly pointed out the different bands and artists that they have personally enjoyed and have influenced them and it makes perfect sense to do that. Well, that's all well and good but being the intelligent and conscious people we are, we also know that we aren't just influenced by the things we like, but just the crap that happens around us and we can't hope to filter out. And much of these type of influences guide the guys on the choices they make for Tendaberry as much as the experiences and sounds of The Smiths or Heatwave.

All being of similar ages, we all grew up listening to bubblegum pop during our formidable years, and not on purpose. During certain time periods certain forms of music are inescapable; the sixties had rock & roll, the seventies made disco popular and during the late nineties/early 2000's all were inundated with sickening sweet sugary quasi-dance pop and hammy power ballads. And no one was more important and as big as 'N Sync.

To be fair it turns out even they didn't particularly like their music, hence all the solo ventures which strayed away from their pop background. But this early clip pretty much encompasses the vanguard of popular music we all very much suffered through, a much insincere sound originating from the bowels of Lou Pearlman and manufactured by a couple of Swedes who were basically a PG version of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. What it boils down to is that the whole 'N Sync act was staged, at least in the beginning, which contributed to their split from the handler and later to their quiet yet obvious disbanding.

But to this day the specter of the pop mega-group hangs over all of the music industry. Look at how record companies push individual songs instead of whole albums and then try to bleed artists for money by charging for everything except what the tours nets the artist. Look at how success is measured in the amount of swag you can push and the name recognition you have amongst tween girls, the target audience for music apparently. It is a poltergeist that has only gotten more potent in latter years and one we all hope will be exorcised in the coming musical movements, of which guys are entrenching themselves in and getting closer and closer to leading.

But I guess what it all comes down to is I want Carlton to stop playing this shit while I'm in the car with him. What are you some kind of masochistic freak? I have ears and I'd rather not have to try to rip them off every other time we go to Krystal's after we close down a bar. I have feelings too, don't make me beat you.

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