Monday, June 1, 2009

And You May Hate Us After This:The Click- Hurricane, Captain Save-A-Hoe

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is slightly crazy during this spring. A third of the time it's wet and cold and very winter like, another third it's warm (like low 70's), bright and the day begs you to go outside and play. The last third it's sunny, with a few clouds and welcoming, but a good 40 degrees outside so you are momentarily confused on how to dress. Ultimately you go with the tried an true jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket. That type of day is today, and this type of day feels so like the Bay Area it hurts.

I want Ghirardelli Chocolate, clam chowder in french bread bowls, and the smell of the ocean... Man I miss the Bay. I grew up in Northern California, so I made frequent trips to S.F,. Berkeley, and Oakland and, when I got older, San Jose and Santa Cruz where my friends went to college. I also grew up with all of the Bay Area nineties rap.

These songs were far from my first introduction to E-40 and his extremely distinctive voice and flow, but it remains they are the foremost in my mind. They aren't great songs, and they painfully show their age, but they remain those type of songs that are really fucking equated with growing up, the place I first called home, when things were simpler before I had to worry about money, jobs, people, politics, time, etc.

Today you can barely get to The Bay from the central valley (Sacramento) in less than two hours due to the upswing of new suburbs surrounding both areas and the fuck-all-ness state of I-80. But the Bay's ignorant dumb as shit hyphy music travel with break neck speed all around NorCal and somehow (thankfully) stay and settles there (except for that ghostride buffoonery). And if you'll take note this is one of the least dumb songs of the Bay, which is probably why they have ingratiated themselves to me for this long.

Every time in Atlanta I miss being in a city that smells like the ocean... and that's usually when I'll play this music.

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