Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trends And Such

Yeah we're a music blog... so the fuck what?

So check out these trailers here; Do you see what they have in common?

All these videos use music from deep dark rock bands. In the cases I've pointed out two from Nine Inch Nails and the other from A Perfect Circle, although i should add the music of the APC track was done by Danny Lohner, a former member of NIN during it's heyday.

So does anyone else out there realize that major studio companies are using music from artists who have a history of giving away their product for free?

Besides all that it is suffice to say that this industrial-metal-alternative blend is going to keep showing up in movie trailers to add ambiance for awhile; I just wish it didn't become apart of some meathead's work out list as this happens...

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